The Diepsloot Youth Programme

In this program, 6 young people with different talents from different backgrounds were recruited and trained. These facilitators now go into the communities and schools, developing skills and empowering youth to better their lives, embrace education, believe in themselves, and reduce drug/ substance abuse.

This NGO has been running soup kitchens since April 2020 where they feed over 1200 children a day in 5 soup kitchens in Diepsloot.

TSC decided to get involved in Diepsloot as a result of the already existing relationship established through the Riverside View Mega Housing Integrated Development. This development aims to employ, accommodate and offer construction subcontracting opportunities for the Small Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) in the surrounding area.

The facility they use to cook and serve the food is owned by the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality’s Region A. Every day youth volunteers gather to assist with preparing of food for the children in order to eradicate poverty and keep them well nourished.