Building Brighter Futures

Tri-Star Construction’s Commitment to Soweto’s Scholars

“People are our business.” – Derek Wheals

This is a motto we actively uphold and value at Tri-Star Construction, especially when it comes to investing in the communities where we are building. So, when we heard about Thusanang Primary School in Soweto, whose students were using portable toilets, our stellar Tri-Star team eagerly stepped in to assist, building restrooms for both the learners and the educators.

Furthermore, all the educators, admin personnel, and the principal shared one classroom that served as an office. Our dedicated team, situated in Soweto, went above and beyond, constructing a separate office for the faculty members.

The CEO, Derek Wheals, gave a speech during the handover that was inspiring and encouraging to both the teachers and faculty. Steve Aydon (Contracts Director) and Jakes Maponya (Corporate Liaison & Transformation Officer) were in attendance and took their time to hand out sweet packets to the children who were singing with joy.

We extend our sincerest gratitude to our suppliers who partnered with us and donated supplies for the initiative to improve the school. A special thanks is reserved for Rainflow, Italtile, Contact Hardware, and Ikhasi, who generously donated gutters, floor tiles, tile glue, and ironmongery, respectively.

One of the projects our team has been working on for the past couple of years is Fleurhof. Due to its proximity from Soweto, the project has allowed our team to form lasting relationships within the community and invest into the lives of the people that live there.

Fleurhof is and ongoing Affrodable Housing Project. The Tri-Star Construction Team completed the construction of 204 FLISP walk-up units with a separate refuse yard and a guardhouse at Fleurhof EXT 39, in January 2024.