Irene Corporate Corner Roof Wetting

Tri-Star Construction Group recently had their roof wetting event for their new office block in the Irene Corporate Corner in Irene. 
The new office is in the final construction stage, it and carries design characteristics from the Irene farm villages. The Industrial internal “look and feel” with modern finishes is an exciting office space to look forward to. 
Traditionally the roof wetting takes place to celebrate the progress of the building and to thank the contractors for the quality of workmanship and the adherence to timelines.  This usually gets done by wetting the actual roof.  At Tri-Star’s roofwetting party this did not happen as our CEO, Derek Wheals opened the new offices a different way.

Derek complimented the contractors and expressed his appreciation to everyone involved.  Tri-Star Construction will be moving into their new head office on the 28th September 2018.