Tri-Star Construction (Pty) Ltd celebrated Mandela Day 18th July 2019 at Cosmo City Clinic donating chairs for patients to sit while waiting, a wheelchair and a printer for the clinic.


  • Chairs Tri-Star Construction
  • Wheelchair Ikhasi-lo-Mkhulu
  • Printer Integra GRP

The need was communicated through the local Ward 100 Councillor Mapula Mosito who invited both Jakes and Jolani (Tri-Star CSI team) to see the challenges the clinic was faced with.

It is in the company’s culture that when it implements projects in an area, it will support relevant give back initiatives that are aimed at improving livelihoods of communities i.e. education, health or entrepreneurship (poverty alleviation).


  • Maggie Clinic Manager welcoming everyone

  • Maurice Tri-Star Construction Director (Work in the area)

  • David Integra GRP (Importance of having a functional printer)

  • Jabu Project Community Liaison Officer (The employment and subcontracting benefits of the project to the community)

  • Mapula Ward 100 Councillor (Appreciation and welcome of the donation to help patients and the community)