We are Covid-19 Ready

We take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and sacrifice that you have made during the enforced lockdown.

Thankfully, the country moved to Level 3 status on the 01st June 2020 and with it the Construction Sector was given the “green light” to go back to work.
We are pleased to confirm that Tri-Star Construction is back, healthy and all our sites have been successfully re-activated.

Thanks to our Health and Safety team, that in collaboration with industry health and safety stakeholders (Cairnmead, MBA North & Konsafe) were able over the lockdown to develop a Covid-19 Management Procedure Manual that provides our sites with health and safety protocols and procedures that comply with government requirements to ensure the health and safety of all our sites.

Further, we are able to limit the disruption to start up by preparing and converting all our sites prior to 01st June 2020.

Finally, we acknowledge that the Covid-19 threat is by no means over and we assure you, as we return to work, that we will act responsibly, diligently and consistently with regards the health and safety policies and procedures.

We welcome the industry back to work and look forward to a successful completion of the year and trust that together we can overcome this pandemic.