Centurion Square – Tri-Star Construction and Boogertman & Partners Architects in the Pretoria News, April 2015.

The growing & vibrant urban locale of Centurion can soon expect to see the rise of yet another development, however this is not just any other one. The Centurion Square Office Development is a major investment into the Centurion CBD with a tag price of R600million. It will provide the Centurion CBD with 22 000m2 of ‘P’ Grade 5 Star green rated office space flanked by 5 parking bays per 100m2.


PPS Property Fund Trust is pioneering the development and has appointed Tri-Star Development Services to manage the delivery of this project on a turnkey basis. Tri-Star Development Services appointed Boogertman & Partners Architects as well as the full professional team who have designed this iconic building with the construction work being undertaken by Tri-Star Construction (PTY) Ltd. Founding conditions on the dolomite were a major problem at the onset, but Engineers SCE along with the Council of Geosciences designed a solution of ground beams, piling and rafts to resolve the problem.


The City of Tshwane is proud to be associated with this project for what it means to the City, its inhabitants and the environmentally friendly growth of the local economy. The development is ideally situated in the heart of Centurion in close proximity to excellent public transport nodes, which includes the Gautrain, thus helping to reduce carbon emissions from private cars. It even has specially allocated parking bays reserved for fuel efficient vehicles to encourage the use fuel efficient transportation. Its environmentally sustainable design is made up of large spans of high glazing, shading devices, motion sensor lighting and high-efficiency T-5 luminaries and LEDs amongst other elements. The Indoor Environment Quality is key to the environmental friendliness of the development. It has been designed to prevent Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and thus optimise the productivity of tenants. Grey water treatment as well as rainwater harvesting is also crucial to water saving. A 25kl of grey water plant and 5 x 25kl rainwater harvesting systems have thus been incorporated to reduce potable water demand.


Expect to see Phase One of this idiosyncratic development completed in October 2015 and its subsequent

Phase 2 in 2016. Tri-Star Construction is on track to complete the development in time.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Thys Van Der Merve, Luca Chiarrelli, Andre Wright, Derek Wheals, Subesh Pillay, Mike Jackson, Vic Schroeder, Gavin Rogaly, Gerhard Meyer, Steve Aydon, Simon Priston, Hugo Ferreira, Kevin Stoltz.

Employer: PPS Property Fund Trust Development

Manager: Tri-Star Development

Services Project Manager: LEAD Project

Management Main Contractor: Tri-Star Construction

Architect & Interior Designer: Boogertman + Partners

Architects Quantity Surveyor: Pentad Quantity Surveyors

Civil & Structural Engineers: Sotiralis Consulting Engineers

Mechanical Engineers: Spoormaker & Partners Wet

Services Consultant: SEM Fire Consultant: Chimera

Town Planner: Landmark Town Planners Conveyancer

Attorney: WerksmansLandscape

Architect: Green Inc. 

Green Consultant: LMC Green

Geotechnical Engineer: Holland-Muter & Associates

Pan Approvals:Rawmats

Health & Safety & OHS Agent: Konsafe