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40 years of many successes and consistent growth, Tri-Star Construction (TSC) can proudly boast of a highly successful multi-disciplinary construction company. Its services span Commercial, Retail, multi-unit Housing, high-rise Residential as well as specialist builds such as hospitals, data centres and churches.

Our people are our business – they are our most valuable asset. Management is always available to its staff and there are open and transparent communication channels which allow for queries and issues to be addressed and resolved at any time.

We have strategically positioned ourselves as a key player in the construction industry, and have developed a sustainable and effective business plan which has been fine-tuned through years of experience. This is our key to enhancing the value for all stakeholders and ultimately achieving the success that we have been rewarded by.

We are excited about our future in the Construction industry and we look forward to leaving an even bigger imprint in our industry as we grow from strength to strength.

Our Values

  • We aspire to be a blue chip company.
  • We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of all our stakeholders by delivering superior products and services on time and on budget.
  • Through good Corporate Governance, we maintain a transparent set of morals that hold integrity, honesty and honour.
  • We believe in a positive and proactive response to achieve Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment and ultimately meet the principles of the Construction Sector Transformation Charter.
  • We would like to be respected for our innovative and successful contributions towards upgrading the quality of life of our people and all the environments and societies in which we operate.

Paramount to our strategy is continued investment in the training and advancement of our greatest asset, our people.

This embraces procedures for regularly reviewing all aspects of our business to ensure maximum customer focus, lower costs and motivation of our people.

We recognise the value of our human capital and create value for our employees through:

  • A merit-based rewards system of competitive remuneration.
  • Recognition and career advancement through training, education and mentorship to encourage a collaborative range of skills and solutions.


Cool Timeline

Jun 18


Tri-Star was founded.
Jun 18


Derek Wheals and Billy McNeil acquired the business and immediately expanded into construction.
Jun 18


Tri-Star Housing was established to service multi-unit housing.
Jun 18


Due to strong growth in construction, a plant and equipment operation was established.
Jun 19


With health and safety becoming critical, Tri-Star established it’s own Health & Safety department.
Jun 19


Tri-Star Construction sold 25% of its shares to senior management A B-BBEE deal was concluded (wholly black-owned business) with the sale of 22.46% shares in Tri- Star Group Holdings.
Jun 19


The entire share capital of Tri-Star Painting and Renovations was sold to a homegrown director of the business in a B-BBEE transformation deal.
Jun 19


Tri-Star Construction develops its own corporate head office in Centurion.
Jul 3


Tri-Star celebrates it’s 40th year in existence.
Jun 1


Tri-Star Construction obtains a B-BBEE Level 1 certificate

How We Work


Typically an Exco member will establish a project team for the execution of each project. This team will be carefully resourced to ensure that the skills, plant and equipment etc. are sufficient to meet the demands of the specific project. The one “shared goal” is to complete each project timeously whilst ensuring the utmost attention to safety and quality. We are members of SAIOSH and have our own in-house Health and safety department that ensures we are aligned to best practice when it comes to health and safety. We control quality through the compliance and adherence to our Quality and Assurance manual and procedures. Further, our experience ensures that our “no compromise to quality” policy is the most efficient and economical approach to construction.

Management Teams


Albertinah Kekana

Albertinah carries a wealth of finance and leadership experience to the team. Her knowledge and wisdom that she imparts is invaluable to the Tri-Star Board.



Derek Wheals

Derek is the co-founder and Managing Director.  Since 1997 Derek has been the driving force in this business.  He is respected for his unwavering commitment and passion that is channeled into Tri-Star.

Darryl Liebenberg

Darryl is a Contracts Director and has been with the company since 1997.  He manages construction projects from start to finish and is considered a true team player to the Tri-Star family.

Daniel van Jaarsveld

Daniel is a Contracts Director and joined the team in 2015.  He manages high-rise apartment projects.  He is a team player and also well known for his dedication and hard work.

Frans Maartens

Frans is the Business Development Director and joined the team in 2015 as Quantity Surveyor. He contributes to the team on a day to day in analyzing new opportunities, deal making, Turnkey negotiations and management.

Ian McNeil

Ian is a Commercial Director and has been part
of the Tri-Star team since 1999.
brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team

Maurice Williams

Maurice is a Contracts Director and is known to be solution-driven, and has been a member of the Tri-Star family since 1999.  He also manages construction projects in their entirety, ensuring a hands on approach .

Pieter Swanepoel

Pieter is the Financial Director and joined the team in 2003.  He plays a vital role managing the finances and corporate governance of Tri-Star together with his dynamic team of accounting and administrative staff.

Louis Opperman

Louis is a Contracts Director and joined the team in 2014 and brings a wealth of experience.  He is respected for his dedication and hard work.

Stephen Aydon

Stephen is a Contracts Director and has been with Tri-Star since 1997.  Also a Project Manager, he is incredibly meticulous and is a stickler for detail.

Plant & Equipment

In 2006 Tri-Star Plant and Equipment (Pty) Ltd was established as a subsidiary of Tri-Star Construction. The establishment of Plant and Equipment was largely due to Tri-Star Construction’s expanding business and rapid growth. Its primary function is to provide a service to Tri-Star Construction whereby it supplies and maintains construction plant, equipment and machinery. It has its own premises and a dedicated management team that looks after large and small plant.

40,000 m2








Key Statistics

Million m3
Concrete Poured
Million Bricks
Homes Built
Million m2
Total Area Built
Man Hours

Our Affiliations

Gauteng by Tri-Star



B-BBEE is a South African Government initiative driven by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). It aims to facilitate the involvement and participation of all historically disadvantaged individuals, broadening the country’s economic base and stimulating economic growth and employment within the country.

Tri-Star’s B-BBEE initiatives are aligned with the DTI’s Codes of Good Practice and geared towards the Construction Sector Transformation Charter. These initiatives focus on transformation, bringing about substantial change in the racial and gender composition of ownership, control and management within our company.

Not only do we conform to these B-BBEE standards, but we are also accredited with a B-BBEE level 1 status. Tri-Star Group Holdings is 51% owned by BA-Akhi Investments, a black empowerment company owned by Malose and Albertinah Kekana.


We believe in empowering our people, as well as those in the communities wherein we work. We thrive on up-skilling and supporting the local communities and the SMMEs near to our projects. We will make it our goal to provide work opportunities for the community, so that they in turn can be motivated to sup-port their families. We will mentor the sub-contractors and train them on site, and when they are ready, we will also assist them in the establishment and financial control of their business. This teaches them core business skills, management skills, finance management, quality control, client relationship building etc. Effectively it aids in the business growth and success of SMMEs, while enhancing productivity, build-ing discipline, and allowing them to reach their goals.

We want to come into a community and leave behind skills, create upliftment through training and sup-port local suppliers. This is one of the ways that we can give back to our community.


Our employment policy actively targets previously disadvantaged individuals. We see the need to empower those less fortunate than us as we can have a direct impact on the improvement of their welfare. Currently, 56 per cent of our management and salaried staff is previously disadvantaged.

A further focus is the effective advancement of employment equity and skills development while adhering to the principles of non-racialism and non-sexism, accelerating the advancement of black men and women, disabled people and designated groups with the emphasis on bursaries, learnerships and technical training.


We continuously place our staff on training courses and programmes to challenge them and make sure that they are at the forefront of the construction industry in South Africa. A collaborative range of skills ensures long-term individual sustainability and skills retention within Tri-Star.

Not only do we continually invest in the education of our permanent staff to further enhance the transformation of our workforce, but Tri-Star has also established a Tertiary Education Trust. The trust identifies the children of our previously disadvantaged employees who wish to make a career in the construction industry and provides them with bursaries to further their education. This has been a great initiative so far, resulting in many success stories to date.


Tri-Star is committed to uplifting the quality of life for the communities where we work. By sharing our knowledge and skills and being socially responsible, we are contributing to the empowerment of the people in the communities around us. We embrace the philosophy of giving back to the community by being proactive in Tri-Star’s various initiatives.


Tri-Star is conscious of minimising the impact that our buildings have on the environment. We are therefore a member of the Green Building Council of South Africa. We strive to align ourselves with this Council by constructing buildings that are energy efficient, resource efficient and environmentally responsible.

We have actively been involved with International Housing Solutions (IHS) and the Green Council in de-veloping a ‘housing appropriate’ green accreditation, internationally known as EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies). We are proud to say that several EDGE accredited projects have been completed to date.


Our Board of Directors fully respects the growing demand for accountability, honesty and transparency in fulfilling their fiduciary duties towards our shareholders and all other stakeholders of the company. We are fully compliant with all material aspects of the King III Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa, as a minimum standard.

We have a strict ‘anti-collusion and anti-corruption’ policy which is applied throughout the organisation.



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